* MA Degree. Theatre Research as Major. Helsinki University 2016                                               

* BA (Hons). Music Theatre. Falmouth University. 2014    


* Graduate from Kallio high school for performative arts. 2008                                             




* Vaietut muistot the Musical. Composer, Director, Music Director. Loimaa Theatre. Season 2019-2020. 

* Visiting workshop leader: trainer for young group leaders / nervousness & self-critique / voice basics and relaxation   

 * Producer for Ypäjä Music Theatre, West Side Story 2019

* Performance skills training course for professional public speakers. JCI Association, Loimaa. November 2018 / March 2019

* Stage Singing Workshop. Collaboration with London-based theatre director & dramaturge Jari Laakso. Voice teacher, Musical Director. March 2018 & Sept-October 2018.

* Voice Basics and Relaxation, weekly training course. Teacher. Autumn season 2018.

* Private singing teacher since 2018 -

* Sound designer for local new music theatre play Toinen (The Other) Loimaa, 

March-April 2018.

*  Carmina, Nuori Näyttämö -hanke (Young Stage project). National project for brand-new youth plays, performed by youth theatres across Finland. Loimaa Theatre working together with Tampereen Työväen Teatteri (Tampere TTT- Theatre) Director, composer, sound designer. Season 2017 - 2018.

* Voice teacher: Workshop in basics of the voice and relaxation. Loimaa, February 2018.

* Devised youth musical: Kaksi kylän lintua. (Two Birds in the Village) Director, composer. Loimaa Theatre, Season 2016 - 2017.

* Baby theatre for 0-3 year olds: Talven taikaa. (Winter Magic) Director, devisor.

Loimaa Theatre, Autumn 2016. 

* Music Director: Ella ja Paterock - musical. Loimaa Theatre, Season 2015-2016.

* Self-devised solo performance: Meren kautta. (The Sea Link) Loimaa, March 2016.

* Director in children's fairytale drama: Kolme kultaista hiusta (Three golden hair) Loimaa Theatre, Season 2015-2016.

* Music director: Ronja Ryövärintytär -summer theatre production. Kertunmäki Summer Theatre, 2015.

* Composer: Tuhkimo elokuvamaailmassa (Cinderella in Movie Land) Loimaa Theatre, Spring 2014.

* Office assistant. Erikoislaukku Oy – Specialbags Ltd. 2014 - 2017.

* AfricaAfricaShop, administrator and sales. Mutala Oy. 2014 - 2018.

* Music director, composer: Lumikuningatar (Snow Queen).  Loimaa Theatre, Autumn 2013.     

* Composer: Osmosis -student production. Arts & Environment programme. With Nina Boe & Co. Falmouth University, Falmouth, 2012. 

* Theatre Duet of Helsinki. Creative team member with Jari Laakso and Lari Noresvuo. 2010-2013.

* London-París. Duet cabaret performance with Jari Laakso. Helsinki 2009, London 2011.            



* NART- Nordic Performative Art Festival, Loimaa, Finland. Twin Town Co-operation. Project Manager, Coordinator. August 2019-June 2021.

* Children's visual and audio book project "The Robin and The Bullfinch". Visuals, lyrics and story Sarah Harrison /  Music, lyrics and story by Mekku Mutala. Work in Progress since February 2018. Loimaa, Falmouth.

* NART- Nordic Performative Art Festival, Mosfellsbaer, Iceland. Twin Town Co-operation.  Performer. August 2018.

* Rural Study Visit into local Erasmus+ -projects in Southwest Finland.                           International training course. September 2017

* Intercultural summer camp for young refugees and local Finnish youth. Financial support TAIKE. In co-operation with Loimaa theatre and local group home for young refugees. Coordinator, artistic director. July 2017, Mellilä, Loimaa.

* Music group for under aged refugees and local youth. Facilitator, coordinator. Spring 2017

* The Manual for European Teenager. Youth exchange (E+). Manager, Aug - Dec 2016

Organizer and facilitator.

* Acting Out 100! Youth Initiative (E+). Facilitator, assistant manager. Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

* LEKO -project; performative workshop series with local June - September 2016

under aged asylum seekers. Manager and artistic director.

* Advanced Training course on Quality in Youth Exchanges. 1 week in Nov 2015

(Skopje, Macedonia). Participant.

* Workshop leader in National School of Stage and Film Design. 1 week in Nov 2015

(Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

* Plough and The Stars. Youth Exchange (E+). Facilitator, May 2015 - Oct 2015

Assistant manager.

* Getting Lost and Finding Our Way. Youth Initiative. (E+) Sept 2014 - June 2015

Facilitator, assistant manager.

* Nordic Experience. Youth Exchange. Youth manager. (E+) Summer 2004



* LEHMUS, a pop duet. Singer-Songwriter.

* Natural Voice Leader Training. Frankie Armstrong, Sarah Harman & Darian Pritchard. Spring 2018, Oxfordshire.

* Member of Natural Voice Network since Spring 2018.

* Introduction course to Kristin Linklater Voice Technique “Freeing the Natural Voice”. October 2017, Orkney Islands, Scotland.

* Singer-songwriter. Since 2008

* Level 1 degree in Voice. Classical singing, Conservatory of Helsinki May 2011

* Singing Duet Inner Smile. Since 2010

* Singing lessons: classical, pop/jazz 2008-2012

* Music Theory lessons: classical, pop/jazz 2008-2012

* Jazz Duet Blue Charlie. 2010-2011

* Koiton Laulu -choir. Singer. 2008-2010

* Band "Support". Singer. 2008-2009

* High School Choir. Singer. 2007-2008

* Gospel Youth Choir. Singer. 2004-2005



* Youthpass in Erasmus+ - activities 2015, 2016, 2017

* Scholarship in Music. Kallio high school of performative arts. 2008

* Student Diploma in Music. Kallio high school. 2008

* Student Diploma in Theatre. Kallio high school. 2008



* Swimming, walking

* Alexander technique

* Cooking

* Reading

* Member of Board in Loimaan seudun teatteriyhdistys ry 2017-2020

* Member of JCI Loimaan Seutu since 2019 (Board Member INT 2020)

* Member of Loivari ry since 2019