Individual Lessons: 

32€ / 45 min

37€ / 60 min


5 Lessons Card

a 45 min - 150€ (a 30€)

a 60 min - 175 € (a 35€)

Valid for 1 year


10 Lessons Card

a 45 min - 280 € (a 28€)

a 60 min - 330 € (a 33€)

Valid for 1 year


Seasonal Card(15 Lessons): 

a 45 min - 397,5€ (a 26,5€)

a 60 min - 472,5 (a 31,5€) 

Valid within 1.2.-30.6.2021.



Courses will be designed to support the customer's needs and level.

Prices will be negotiated according to the agreed content.

       The Basics of Voice & Relaxation​

 Stage Singing & Musical Workshop

 Body and Voice in Space

Let's Sing Rounds & Easy Choir Songs 

- Soft Introduction into Group Singing

Group Singing Improvisation

Theatre Improvisation


Group Work / Team Building Skills

Everyday Performance Skills

(presentations, general performing,

speech at work)

Make Friends with Performance Nervousness




I got truly excited about voice work in Kallio High School. The music courses and choir there lit up the fire to learn more.

At the age of 19, I started to take singing lessons, went to music theory classes, started in half-professional choir - and began to sing more, in overall. 

Now, I have practiced voice over 10 years. 

My teachers have been opera singers (Tehi Sulonen-Georgi, Minna-Sisko Mutanen), pop-jazz musicians (especially Tua Hakanpää) and theatre teachers specialised in vocals and music (special thanks to Danielle Meunier).

I practice my own voice actively all the time.

I read, write, think, practice and share.

 I deeply enjoy the self-directed work.

In the Summer of 2017, I started Alexander Technique/Singing lessons with Katja Harilo. The technique has revealed an in-depth body&awareness approach to singing, which has helped me immensely. I want to be influenced by Alexander from now on.

October 2017, I participated into Kristin Linklater’s Introductory course in Orkney Islands, Scotland.


Spring 2018 I took part in a modular training course on Natural Voice Leading with Frankie Armstrong and Sarah Harman in Oxfordshire, UK. I am a member of Natural Voice Network and would want to make more out of it in the future.